Ebook Platform

eBooks Platform

Create eBooks

We will assist you with the promotion of your published work on social media platforms using targeted marketing techniques. Your marketing efforts will be well implemented when the appropriate audience is contacted and connects with your book on a deeper level.

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Publish eBooks

We will promote your book by enabling you to interact with people at book signing events. You will also have an opportunity to talk about your book or create a presentation that gives a personal touch to the message you are trying to convey. You will also have the chance to promote any other products and/or services that you may offer.

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Market eBooks

We will help you create a robust way to be known to as many people as possible. We will provide full managerial services so that a nationwide tour can be smoothly managed without any headaches. Your appointed manager will also travel with the tour to make sure everything is done as expected or can help when things don’t go as expected.

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