About Us


We are a soulful publication company who cares about you and your message(s) that you want to share with the world. We want to help facilitate your publication process so that you can successfully create and launch a meaningful piece of literature and fulfill your dream of helping others with your words.


Our intent is to help anyone who would like to create a publication that will benefit others. Our methodical process is geared toward creating a successful and quality publication.


Our aim is to make the publication experience encouraging, comforting, and rewarding by enriching our services and solutions with creativity, excellence, and positivity.


Our vision is to provide every soul being a chance to furnish a meaningful publication.


Our founder, Royal Shri Rudraji, was guided by The Divine (God) to create Tri Shakti Publications organization to offer publication services to those who wish to publish their dreams and make a positive impact on humanity. He was asked to self-publish his first worldwide publication by creating his own publishing company, with which he can help others with their publication needs. While preparing his own book for publication, he participated in the publication process from the ground level and discovered the amount of dedication it takes to create a divine publication. He also saw how he could improve the process.

Our inspiration is the whole of humanity. Everyone in this world is experiencing their own human life journey, but sometimes they need assistance from others to keep them going in the right direction toward their soul purpose. Publications are a great way to communicate wisdom and provide the spark someone may need to make a positive change in their life that will enhance and uplift them beyond what they could accomplish by themselves.

The biggest distinguishing factor between Tri Shakti Publications and other publishing companies is that our founder has brought the pure intention of truly providing a heartfelt service that can benefit everyone.