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My Body is Alive is about Royal Shri Rudraji’s spiritual journey of being awakened and transformed to fulfill The Divine’s Plans. But this book is not just about him, it is about the evolution of humanity and how we can all work together to bring upon The Bliss Age. How can we empower humanity to move beyond human-made barriers and embrace the dawn of The Bliss Age? Gamble with best online casino bonuses.

One God! One Family!

About Author

Join Royal Shri Rudraji as he describes his amazing spiritual journey with The Divine. As a result of his spiritual development, he is no longer just a man, he is a Divine Servant.

Let the Divine wisdom inspire yours.

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This world needs support. This world needs to keep evolving. This world is a gift from God. Humanity needs to take responsibility for the care of this world. Only a collective effort will bring about the global change needed to create a peaceful, harmonious, and blissful existence. Are you ready to participate at the highest level?

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